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Retreats & Events

If you want to give light to others you have to GLOW yourself!

I offer in house chef services for yoga, nutrition and wellness retreats.


Guests will enjoy the luxury of nutrient dense, high quality and visually appealing dishes that will satisfy all 5 senses. Meals can be catered to different themes including but not limited to plant based, organic, local and seasonal produce when possible


I grew up in the kitchen and cooking is my passion. I am creative, efficient and will leave your guests feeling nourished, satisfied and you feeling confident that your guests will be 100% satisfied. You can rest assured that I've got the kitchen under control and you can focus on your guests. 


Contact me to learn how I can make this the best event you host.

Allow me to nourish your guests so you can retreat together!

This Service Is For You If...

You are in the wellness space and are hosting a retreat

Need someone to organise the menu and nourish your attendees

Need someone reliable, organized and calm

Have a menu but don’t have time to cook and serve your attendees

Have a theme and menu but don’t feel confident in your cooking abilities

Allow me to take the pressure off your shoulders. I’ll take care of all the details from A-Z! Together we will craft the perfect custom package and organize the retreat of your dreams!

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Client  Testimonials

"Nadine was amazing to work with. She was receptive to my vision and had really valuable ideas and suggestions. The best part for me (other than her incredible food, of course) was that she felt like a soul sister. Sometimes when running a retreat, the facilitator doesn't always make the same kinds of connections that the participants do with each other. Nadine had such a welcoming and grounding energy that I felt like I was attending my retreat as well as running it! I'm so grateful for the love she brings and the space she holds."


~ Jennifer Polansky

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