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Nourish the Mind Body & Soul to Glow 

Take charge of your health with personalised nutrition, lifestyle and supplement recommendations and glow from the inside out

Feel EMPOWERED, vibrant and confident so you can unleash your true potential, be the leader of your life and show up as your BEST self.

Learn how to prioritize yourself, fill your cup and find JOY in motherhood by learning how to nourish your mind, body and soul with DELICIOUS recipes and SIMPLE self care practices.

Let 's Work Together

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Gain control of your health by identifying YOUR root cause, utilizing the power of nutrition and incorporating lifestyle changes to GLOW up



In house chef services including: custom menu creation specific to your theme, planning, shopping, food prep, cooking and serving.


Customized to your personal needs and adapted to be enjoyed by the entire family. Balanced, nutrient dense, simple and NEVER boring!

Healthy Fruit Bowl
Get seven days of free breakfast recipes for busy mommas
Nadine, Holistic Nutritionist

Meet Nadine

Hey! I am a holistic nutritionist passionate about getting to the root cause that is causing dis-ease within your body. Together, we will get you back to feeling your best by addressing all five pillars of health - nutrition, mindset, movement, sleep and environment.

Come hangout with me on Instagram!

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