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Custom Meal Plans

A healthy outside starts from the inside!

Nutritious Breakfast Bowl (Image by Brooke Lark)

Custom meal plan to revitalize your energy and help you GLOW up! 

This isn’t your regular meal plan. This is a customized meal plan that will take your health concerns into consideration and include simple, mouth watering dishes that will please even the pickiest eaters. Snacks and desserts will be included! This meal plan will give you energy, leave you craving for NOTHING and get you out of your boring rotation and excited to get cookin!

Complete the intake form below to begin.

Think no more, overwhelm be gone. Let’s set up stress free healthy eating!

This service is for you if:

  • You are in a cooking rut and feel uninspired in the kitchen

  • You are overwhelmed with food choices and how to ensure your plate is balanced

  • You want to ensure you are eating for your health concerns

  • You want some new easy recipes to include in your weekly/monthly rotations that the entire family can enjoy

Wondering how it works?

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1) Complete the meal plan intake form and book a call

2) Form will be reviewed together during call

3) Upon payment, custom meal plan will be created

4) Meal plan will be emailed directly to you

5) Finally, enjoy stress free healthy eating!

What's Included / Package Offerings


7 Day Meal Plan

3 meals, 2 snacks & dessert options DAILY

→ detailed recipes


→ mouth watering desserts

→ grocery shopping list


4 Week Meal Plan

 3 meals, 2 snacks & dessert options DAILY

→ detailed recipes


→ mouth watering desserts

→ grocery shopping list for each week 

→ bonus: 1 week free (5 weeks total)

Client  Testimonials

As a former lover of anything filled with salt, sugar or processed, Nadine’s recipes are transformative in every sense of the word. Ensuring simplicity both in the foods used & the preparation/cook/bake time is a beginners delight. I considered myself a “good” cook. Now I’d like to think of myself a chef and no one is the wiser. Who knew that you could feed your body to health & not have to deprive your body & substitute food for supplements & shakes for optimal health. The bonus: so much thought placed on how each ingredient can improve your overall wellness from the inside out. So much love to Nadine for her purpose & passion. I’m so excited to learn more through creating her recipes.


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